Consular Services

The Consular Section of the Mission is responsible for
Passport Services for Indian Nationals,

Visa Services for foreigners desirous of visiting India,

Please join "Issue of Persons of Indian Origin (PIO)Card"

Attestation and legalisation of documents, and

'Consular Assistance' to Indian citizens living within the area of
jurisdiction of the mission, including visiting seamen.

Consular and Visa Services(includingattestation etc.)
Acceptance of documents:
Monday to Friday(except Holiday)
between 09.00a.m. - 12.00 Noon
Delivery of documents:
03.00p.m. - 04.00p.m.
please allow 3 working days for processing of visa applications.
Foreign Nationals ordinarily resident of Tunisia should allow 4 working days for processing their visa applications.

Application Forms for various Consular Services

  • Form for New Indian Passports
  • Form for Miscellaneous Services on Indian Passports
  • Registration Form for Indian Nationals
  • You would need an Adobe Acrobat reader, which can be freely downloaded.